The International Studies Club (ISC) at UC Irvine is a holistic, academic club designed to integrate students from all backgrounds who share a common interest in the global arena. Students come together to synthesize opinions and ideas throughout academic events and discussions focusing on global issues, societies and cultures. From public health assistance, governance and public policy to anthropology and culture, the club brings together and promotes a multiplicity of diverse students interested in international affairs.

The synergistic club is designed for all students of UCI, regardless of major. Being an active member of the club provides ample opportunities to discuss contemporary issues, engage with students and faculty that share common interests and be part of the international studies community. Because the club is student-run, it incorporates ideas from all members for further activities and events.

We are looking to push the dimensions of international studies and bring together a broad range of students who are interested in foreign politics and culture. All students are encouraged to participate, contribute their thoughts and enjoy all elements of global studies.


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